Friday, March 5, 2010

Virtually finished!

Yes, friends, we're winding down to the finish line! We now have two bedrooms upstairs, with a lovely "library" in between. The stairway opening on the upstairs landing is now surrounded with railing, for the protection of book browsers and other denizens of the upper regions. All that remains is major cleanup and book and furniture distribution.

The railing resembles nothing so much as a companion-way on a boat, and that's what we call it, more often than not. There's even a "map table" which will house our big reference books! It's funky, it's definitely different, and we love it!

Now there's just minor trim work, some shelves, and when the snow melts, the joy of gardening and landscaping!

We look forward to having a huge open house and inviting everyone we know, but that will have to wait for the snow to melt and mud season to end. Look for an invitation towards the middle-t0-end of May!