Monday, November 30, 2009

As time goes by...

It's been a month of simply living in the house, enjoying its warmth and becoming more accustomed to its ways (that, and a whirlwind week to Brasstown, NC and back!). Our goal at the outset of building this house was to celebrate Thanksgiving here, and last week our goal was achieved!
We are now taking a break from building until after Christmas. We are going to savor the season, relax when we can, and get ready to finish the upstairs and various trims, etc. in the new year. Meanwhile, our friend Rich is finishing the siding for us. Such a deal!
Hunt has bartered a painting for a beautiful Steinway upright piano, circa 1880. We are enjoying both its beauty and its incredible sound.
We were so glad to see dear friends in NC, and hope to see many more of you during and after this season of bringing light into the dark time of year. May this season and the new year bring us all contentment and peace.